Don Ulsch

Don Ulsch
Don Ulsch
Macdonnell Ulsch Cyber Advisory LLC

-MacDonnell Ulsch Cyber Advisory LLC
-Research Fellow in Cyber Security, Boston College, Woods School of Advancing Studies and Advisor to Masters in Cybersecurity & Governance
-Member of the Board of Trustees, Mercy College, New York
-International Advisory Board, CyGov
-Advisor to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point
-Sr. Managing Director off Cybercrime, PwC
-CEO of ZeroPoint Risk Research
-Special Advisor to CIA
-Author of “Cyber Threat! How to Manage the Growing Risk of Cyber Attacks,” John Wiley & Sons, 2014
-Author of “Threat! Managing Risk in a Hostile World,” The IIA Research Foundation, 2008
-Author of numerous articles, including on China and North Korea as cyber adversaries, in “Homeland Security Today”, Forbes magazine
-Fox News Cyber Analyst
-Conducted cyber investigations in 70 countries
-Lectured at the US Military Academy at West Point, Boston College, Boston University School of Law, University of Maine School of Law, Pace University, Mercy College
-Lectured at SIFMA
-Trusted Advisor to the US Secrecy Commission
-Trusted Advisor, Office of Critical Infrastructure, US Treasury

Silicon Harlem is a social venture that has been designed to transform Harlem in to a technology and innovation hub. This includes establishing co-working spaces, gigabit infrastructure, securing investment capital, and hosting monthly meetups.
The Future
Envisioning the Technological Future of Harlem is a comprehensive set of steps needed to transform the community. Silicon Harlem is an ecosystem that is inclusive and driven by positive growth. Be a part of the solution.
We have an opportunity to lower if not eradicate crime in Harlem, the potential to lower unemployment rates, increase quality education opportunities and grow jobs. Help us Transform Harlem into a Tech and Innovation Hub
5th Annual Conference
Silicon Harlem brings together the stakeholders of the community to hear from leading minds in the fields of emerging technologies.