D.J. Nasty

D.J. Nasty
D.J. Nasty
Our After Party D.J.

DJ Nasty. Jason Butcher, known to the world as DJ Nasty, was born and raised in hip-hop’s birthplace: the Big Apple. Growing up in a West Indian family in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, DJ Nasty was exposed to music at a very early age. While most children his age would be watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, Nasty would be immersed in soca and reggae music. Intrigued by the horns and the drums in the beats, his passion for music began and he decided to teach himself how to play the saxophone, to emulate the sounds he loved so much in the music. DJ Nasty perfected the art of playing the saxophone and began playing in the school band. His love for music made him want to expand and try different instruments and just about anything music related. While dabbling with various instruments, the realization came to a young DJ Nasty that it is truly DJ’s that had the power to play any instrument they want with the control of the record. In 1999, his family decided to move to New Jersey for a better quality of life, and this move proved to be the most beneficial turnabout in Nasty’s life. This is where his DJ career took off.

DJ Nasty began buying records every opportunity he could, and even though he had no turntables to play them with, he saved any bit of money he could get his hands on. Finally nearly a year later, he bought himself his very first turntables. From that day on, DJ Nasty would practice everyday. He’d listen to radio DJ’s mix shows, such as Mister Cee, Marley Marl and Red Alert, and would spend hours trying to emulate their mixes, scratches and drops. It only took a few months before DJ Nasty developed his own style and began making his own mix tapes. It was not long after that DJ Nasty began playing at local parties and events at local high schools in New Jersey.

After graduating high school DJ Nasty went on to pursue his academic goals at Montclair State University. In his first year he became very involved on campus and began playing at small events on and off campus. By his sophomore year, his name was ringing bells at colleges all over the New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut area, thus giving birth to the moniker, the Tri-State Great. Since then, DJ Nasty has been making his name known all over the east coast from New England all the way down to Miami. In 2007, he was ranked in the top five college DJ's in New York City by, University Hustle Magazine. After years of hard work, in 2008, DJ Nasty landed a slot on Newarks own 99.3 The Joynt. In 2009 he was nominated for "Best College DJ" in the U.S. at the Justo Mixtape Awards.

Dj Nasty gets better and better every year and he knows how to please the crowd. He is very animated on the microphone and he makes sure that everyone has a good time. He has appeared on BET’s Rap City countless times, and has toured all over the United States with many artists, including Trey Songs, Fat Joe, T-Pain, Method Man, and Bobby Valentino to name a few. In 2012 DJ Nasty was recruited by LHHNY and Power 105.1 DJ Self to be apart of the Gwinin Team Dj Coalition. Presently DJ Nasty hopes to fulfill his dream of becoming a household name. Look out for DJ Nasty at an event near you, and be prepared for an unforgettable show!

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